Halloween is coming and all kids are ready to walk in groups with their best friends and to knock on their neighbours’ doors: it’s a well-known cliché, where children play the part of miniature scary characters and adults give them some sweets in order to be spared by those mini-monsters’ “deadly” attacks. It’s always entertaining both for children and adults.

halloween decors by graceevent world

So simple, yet so fun and different every year, while our children grow, their make-up becomes more accurate and their spooky pumpkin lanterns turn into real masterpieces. Everything is tender, funny and scary at the same time, while the role of parents becomes more marginal, yet always irreplaceable, especially for what concerns organization! Home setting needs special care and parents know that, sometimes, time is too little to plan and to arrange everything as it deserves, especially if they work or have more little kids to look after. Thank goodness, the Web and many valuable Pinterest contributors provide loads of inspiration for the “crafty” among us. Yet, sometimes, spare time is a real issue. In that case, the help of a professional can save adults the unconfessed nuisance of going out looking for the materials they need, while sticking to their kids’ agenda, between homework and sport activities. Now, imagine how spot-on an online helper can be, providing all the necessary items and brand new ideas to transform home into a creepy horror film set that kids and adults will love and enjoy! There are many, of course, but when someone asks me, I always suggest to consult my friend Mariagrazia Tarantino – Grace, for friends -, who can make your Halloween (and any other events and parties) perfect while keeping an eye on your budget. You can contact her at .

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Among Instagram ideas, you can see here a few I’ve chosen for you: happy Halloween!

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