Today our adventure begins in a place that houses people’s dreams, for its landscapes’ beauty, the enchanting beaches, the uncontaminated and wild nature. A place where the shore of the crystal clear sea is a few steps away the thick and verdant forest, and where the gaudy colours of the flowers fill the eyes. A place that preserve the tradition of the past, and customs and symbols of the ancient nuptial ceremonies: flowers’ garlands… hula… the blowing of the shell… welcome to the Hawaiian wedding.

The element that most of all represents the Hawaiian culture is of course the garland, called Haku Lei, a traditional floral composition, formed by about 50 flowers connected with a ribbon. It is worn around the neck or on the head to celebrate a special occasion or donated as symbol of affection. During the nuptial ceremony, the bride wears the Haku Lei in substitution of the voile, realized with pikake (white jasmine), tuberoses or ginger’s white flowers. The groom wears instead a garland made by maile’s leaves, braided with white jasmine or tuberose’s flowers.

The wedding ritual begins with the triple blowing of the Pu, or conch shell. This gesture pay homage to Christianism, considering that the three sounds represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and so the intention of the couple to follow the Christian values in their new home. The ceremony is celebrated by a kahuna pule (minister), who formalizes the bond of the couple uniting their hands with a maile’s leaf.

Another typical symbol of the Hawaiian archipelago is the hula, an ancient and sacred dance that expresses feelings or tells a story. In the traditional ceremonies, the type of hula was chosen in order to narrate the story of the couple; but nowadays the hula is just a form of entertaining.

After the ceremony they celebrate the wedding reception, called luau. The main course of the party is the kaula, pork cooked for an entire day in an underground oven. Other typical dishes are: poi (colocasia esculenta’s root pasta, similar to the potato), kufolo (a custard of colocasia esculenta and coconut), lau lau (pork, beef or fish, salted and rolled up in ti’s leaves), poke (seasoned raw fish and algae), tropical fruit and more meat, poultry or dishes based on seafood. During the entire party the typical music, with drums, guitars and ukuleles, makes the atmosphere happy.

I’ll be expecting you next month with a new ritual around the world ?

Big hug!



Desirée – wedding planner