Considering the funniest and most particular trends that comes from the States, photo booth and guest book are an excellent solution to involve your guests and entertain them during the wedding reception.

Photo booth, which is literally the “cabin” where the passport photos are made, has been readjusted, referring to events and weddings, to indicate an extravagant photo shoot during which people use wigs, masks and crazy accessories.

The guest book is traditionally a book where the guests can sign or write special dedications, but recently bride and groom personalize it with other “memory ideas” even more original and strange.

For the photo booth area the most simple choice concerns the accessories in coloured cardboard, which are easily available online: glasses, fanny hats, champagne flutes, mustaches… If you want to make them more interactive you could create white speech bubbles, so that the invites can write on them what they want. In this way you avoid the risk of a boring album, moreover you give the occasion to the more creative guests to express themselves!

If you desire to realize some decorations on your own, you can create some frames perfect for the group pictures. They can imitate the socials’ screen, like Instagram, or adapt to the wedding’s style. The frames can also be incorporated in particular themed structures: vintage sitting room, Barbie and Ken’s boxes, museum’s wall, ice-cream truck, fantasy background…use your creativity!

The guest book is, with the photo album, the collection of all the most beautiful memories of the wedding, but the difference is that the guest book is completely managed by the invites! The album, more than dedications and signatures, can contain Polaroids realized with specific cameras made available to the guests.

But if you don’t want that these memories remain a simple book to leaf through, you can make them pieces of furniture! Puzzles to sing that you can complete at home and then hang; stones or little stones to insert in vases, pitchers or jars; wooden hearts or carved bark; easel, canvas and tempera for artistic or personalised paintings, such as the “imprinted” tree or balloons.

The ideas are really numerous and if you like the option of the photo booth of guest book area, don’t limit fantasy and originality!

Desirée – wedding planner



Images from: Pinterest