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The colors of the italian graduation!

The colors of the Degree Red is the universally recognized color to celebrate the doctorate. In Italy, however, at each faculty and with differences between city and city corresponds a color of the touch pendant. Here are some examples: White: Letters, Philosophy and Theology; Blue is for Jurisprudence; Red for Medicine and Surgery, Nursing and […]


Favors for a green and sweet Baptism

“Eccomi,  un foglio bianco su cui scrivono le stelle!” It ‘s time to organize a simple and special refreshments for your little one great Love! What kind of theme ? For a boy is a bit ‘more’ hard to choose, because you want something sweet but  cheerful and witty.  My advice is to always bet […]


Wedding cake party!

The party into the party, the highlight of the reception, the conclusion of an exciting event, and the opening for the dances: wedding cake party. This kind of pary allows the newly married couple, to share the joy of the feast, dances and fun with a large group of friends and colleagues, with a lower […]

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A wedding with an oriental twist

In Japan, bride and groom wear the traditional wedding kimonos together with the oironaoshi, a tradition that dates back to the 14th century. They change cloths four times, to symbolize the bride’s propensity to embrace everyday routine. At the beginning of the ceremony, she wears the shiro-muku under her kimono: it is a white item […]


Baptism in winery

 For little Tristan  theme of photography, his name and turquoise. All it represented in the beautiful winery location of Tenuta Valcurone in Montevecchia. Napkins with custom ribbon and tag and lantern menu to create atmosphere in the magical Winter room with fireplace.  A candid chantilly  as Baptism cake and after all in the cellar, where […]