Favors for a green and sweet Baptism

“Eccomi,  un foglio bianco su cui scrivono le stelle!”

It ‘s time to organize a simple and special refreshments for your little one great Love!

What kind of theme ?

For a boy is a bit ‘more’ hard to choose, because you want something sweet but  cheerful and witty.

 My advice is to always bet on the name, because it is a universal theme and never goes out of fashion and your child will always be a pleasure to see the pictures with his name in evidence!Pastel colors from sugar to cream paper, for a look a bit ‘more chic and complements any type of location (rural, elegant, modern, romantic ..) So today I was inspired by the soft colors, name and Teddy to suggest some idea.


The  favor is always a complicated choice!

I suggest 3 types of candy greens that meet the tastes of all as thought pleasing, tasty and useful:

1) colored sugar
2) honey
3) aromatic herb

Favor colored sugar

An explosion of color and sweetness. The granulated sugar confectionery can order from the ‘mark to be turquoise, yellow, pink, fuchsia, lilac, orange, green apple. The cover cap of fabric very vintage gingham and romantic matches the bamboo spoon. Complete the 5 sugared almonds from the different shades of color and the chalk.

Favor honey

Homemade honey produced by beekeepers, honey scatter wood, chalk, custom label (name and date) of very high quality sugar almonds and lots of imagination !.

Favor  aromatic herb

Basil, rosemary, lavender, thyme, red pepper, marjoram, mint, oregano … an explosion of joy, simplicity, perfumes. A useful thought. Those proposed by graceevent world, are covered in natural jute, fine sugared almonds and gluten and tags personalized with name, date and possible theme drawing (in this case teddy).

Candy station e cake a tema e il gioco è fatto!

If this post has been helpful or simply inspired you, please leave your comment, I will read it with much attention.have a goog  work with your little great Love!!

Graceevent w o r l d


Wedding cake party!

The party into the party, the highlight of the reception, the conclusion of an exciting event, and the opening for the dances: wedding cake party.

This kind of pary allows the newly married couple, to share the joy of the feast, dances and fun with a large group of friends and colleagues, with a lower economic burden in relation to complete receipt.

Typically the locations offer in fact, the ability to invite guests from a certain time (established with the restaurant manager) by offering them:

table with seat and mise en place
– beverage and toast
– portion served wedding cake
– Participation in the sweet / fruit buffet if provided in the menu
– coffee and pastries (if provided in the menu).

To organize a perfect wedding cake party just follow these simple steps:

1.  Establish with the person in charge of the location of the time wcp. The time depends on the start lunch / dinner, the length of service up to the cake and the number of breaks that you will want eventually to do before;
2. create a menu for these guests;
3.Create   an invitation to w.c.p., which must follow the same style as all the wedding suite  graphics of the wedding and must contain the time and place of receipt and give it no later than one month before wedding;

4. Enter the time in the wedding program and the title Wedding cake party in the menu;

She, the cake, is your co-star of the party and never as in this case has to be absolutely perfect!

The size must meet the portions of the invited  at the reception + wcp guests; the form must reflect the whole theme of the event and the taste should meet the approval of all. So my advice is to always bet on simple bases, with fruit or light creams.

Below you find an image that tells you in inch. the magnitudes ideal to satisfy a number of portions. (1 inch = 2.54 cm). You can find even basic types images very trendy right now and suitable for receptions in style shabby, greenery, rustic and romantic. Whether it’s simple chantilly, naked cakes, fruit tarts or spectacular wedding cakes always remember to satisfy your guests intolerant or celiac ordering mono ad hoc portions

Finally to make this moment memorable turns everything into a real party with:

– background music (choose one of your own song for the moment of the cut and your input);
-light design, flying balloons, confetti or bubbles;
-flowers, candles (if at night) and items / table linen Theme
-toast with kiss 😉

Have a nice wedding day!

Mariagrazia Tarantino