Le collezioni moda, gli arredi e gli stili che creano emozione.

The colors of the Degree Red is the universally recognized color to celebrate the doctorate. In Italy, however, at each faculty and with differences between city and city corresponds a color of the touch pendant. Here are some examples:

White: Letters, Philosophy and Theology;

Blue is for Jurisprudence;

Red for Medicine and Surgery, Nursing and in Bologna also indicates Veterinary;

In the rest of Italy veterinary is Violet;

Pink: Pedagogy and in Padua means Education Sciences

Yellow: Economics and business except in Genoa that represents Languages ​​and literature;

Green: Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences and Biology;

Lille: communication sciences and languages;

 Black: Engineering

Knowing these colors can be useful to realize the bouquet to be delivered to the new graduate and to make favors and super personalized confetti! 😉 If you want more information, suggestions and ideas to celebrate your degree, contact me on whatsapp or via email:

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