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It doesn’t matter what kind of movies or tv shows do you like most, you must have seen it once! And probably, it made you daydream, giving you inspirations and ideas or simply sighs of adoration! I’m really talking about it… the American wedding!

Ceremonies on the beach, exotic garden and luxury hotels. Brides that arrive aboard a carriage or a Harley Davidson. Unchained receptions until late at night which involve dj, band, dance crew, fireworks, caricaturist, magician and invite with innate talent as comedian, dancer or singer (or stripper!).

Joking aside, it’s obvious that in the States the marriage is an event to celebrate grandly and often, if the economic conditions allow it, it lasts also more days. Think about, for example, at the famous bachelor or bachelorette party, organised respectively by the best man and the maid of honor, who will be the two people that, more than everyone else, will help groom and bride organising the wedding. This is the reason why usually this role is given to best friends or siblings.

Another typical tradition that precedes the wedding day is the wedding rehearsal, during which all the fundamental moments of the ceremony are coordinated, such as the entrance of bride and groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

After the wedding reharsal, usually the night before the wedding, they organize the reharsal dinner. Bride and groom reunite some of the guests, generally close friends and relatives, in order to thanks them and, if they didn’t before, to make them meet, so they all can spend a pleasant night together. Activities generally include toasting (or roasting), from roast, a form of American humour in which a specific guest, is subjected to jokes at their expense, intended to amuse the rest of the “audience”.

Ceremony doesn’t consider a unique and specific ritual: because of the large amount of different culture which coexist in United States, it’s not rare the bride professes a different religion than the groom. In these cases, or they choose one of them, or the wedding is officiated by a state official. Of course there is nothing to prevent them to celebrate two ceremonies!

For the reception there are many possibilities and obviously they choose location and method considering style, theme and most of all financial means. Often bride and groom don’t stay until the end of the party, but they prefer to leave for the honeymoon in the middle of the reception. In this case the parents say goodbye to the guests and donate them the party favors. But if they prefer to greet and thank the invite in a very special way, they organize a brunch the morning after the wedding.

If you are curious to know more about the American traditions, don’t hesitate and contact me!

I’ll be expecting you next month with a new ritual around the world 🙂

Big hug!



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Your wedding budget in 5 moves

You get married?
Here Five simple strategies to realize a wedding dream project with the best budget.

1) Choose a color with hight visual impact.

Use a bright color helps to fill in the spaces with its spectacular effect and with the help of flowers such as hydrangea, combined with fruits and leaves, it is made beautiful flower arrangements at a reasonable cost.
Classic and essential advice is to always choose strictly seasonal flowers.

1) Only 1 or 2 significant DIY projects.

If you want to intervene in the organization with DIY elements committed to the achievement of one or at most two significant elements that represent your family history, but at the same time do not overlap in the project.
For example, you can create the guest book, placemarks, the photobooth props, or the  envelopes-box.

3) Choose three items and get them right.

Focuses 3 important elements of marriage, those who are the most important for you, and that guests will notice more, investing more budget.
If the guests are such young people do not focus on the multi-courses but serve a great buffet and invest on entertainment musical menu; otherwise focus on three high-level courses, a great wine and choose a good DJ for entertainment instead of a band.
Divide 3 selected items during the whole of wed-day: 1 during the ceremony, one during the reception and the last cut the cake on.

4) Avoid too expensive.

Never invest more ‘than 40% of the entire budget for location or more’ of 10% for wedding dresses. Book a castle and not have the budget for the photographer or having to rent the clothes does not make sense … better an excellent mid-range hotel with the best proposed menu, a happy bride in her dream dress and groom who likes peaceful toasting and dancing with friends!
About the happy bride must not big brand to get the dress of dreams; my advice is to choose a tailor dress (better if Made in Italy)  or sartorial models: although not of pure silk and French lace, the tailored suit will enhance the figure of the bride, making it the absolute star of the party.

5) Do not forget the party!

The success of a wedding event is not only based on bridal dress dress or how much money you have actually spent but how you treat guests: the well-being of the guests is more important than any element of marriage (and do not say certainly just me). The wedding reception is the first major event of the couple and the guests expect the best treatment and welcome reception.
If the guest feels at ease, respected is happy and having fun, he does not regret anything and you’ll be proud of your reception.
These five points are the result of much research and hard work, because as you know the seemingly simplest things are almost always the most ‘difficult.


Have a nice wedding day!

Mariagrazia Tarantino

wedding planner