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Conception and creation of every single element for your event: graphic concept, staging and gifts for guests


The best professional instruments to plan your event, whether you wish to proceed on your own or with a professional’s tailor-made advice


Graphic solutions, gifts for guests and staging items for your event that you can either customise or order according the ready-to-use formula

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Ideas, new items, advice and trends for your event


  • Graphic design

    Invitation, wedding announcement, menu, placeholder, wedding bag, event bag, announcement for every kind of ceremony and/or event

  • Sugar almond & Co

    Party favor, sugar almonds, candy box, souvenir, candy station, baby station

  • Gift

    Gifts and packaging for ceremonies, business event, celebration and parties

  • Accessories and floral design

    Table setting for every kind of event and ceremony, runner, cotton box, juta box, paper giant flowers, floral design


  • Consultancy online

    3 solutions to receive online answers and ideas:

    1. !The idea
    2. Together!
    3. With love


  • Coordination

    3 solutions to plan and organize your event together:

    • Air
    • Water
    • Earth
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This website and the online event-shop give you the possibility to manage the whole organisation of your event: either you can pick single elements or you can opt for the full planning. With or without the help of our professional consultants

A few examples of what you can plan and create with us:


Announcements, wedding invitations, events, parties


Missal, wedding program, wedding bag, welcome bag, gift


Staging for centrepieces, themed corners


Menu, guest board, placeholders, escort cards


Packaging for gifts, party favors and gifts for all kinds of events and celebrations


Sugared almonds and candies corner, sweet table, buffet for themed parties and events


Do not hesitate to contact us for tailor-made solutions and new ideas: we make your dreams come true!


Favors for a green and sweet Baptism

“Eccomi,  un foglio bianco su cui scrivono le stelle!” It ‘s time to organize a simple and special refreshments for your little one great Love! What kind of theme ? For a boy is a bit ‘more’ hard to choose, because you want something sweet but  cheerful and witty.  My advice is to always bet […]


Wedding cake party!

The party into the party, the highlight of the reception, the conclusion of an exciting event, and the opening for the dances: wedding cake party. This kind of pary allows the newly married couple, to share the joy of the feast, dances and fun with a large group of friends and colleagues, with a lower […]

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A wedding with an oriental twist

In Japan, bride and groom wear the traditional wedding kimonos together with the oironaoshi, a tradition that dates back to the 14th century. They change cloths four times, to symbolize the bride’s propensity to embrace everyday routine. At the beginning of the ceremony, she wears the shiro-muku under her kimono: it is a white item […]


Hi! I am Mariagrazia Tarantino, heart and soul of graceevent world.
My job involves planning and creating events, my passion is communicating unique emotions.
Whatever I #‎plan and create at my #‎studio and creative laboratory is the result of my past working experiences: firstly as a #‎designer and a business woman in the clothes industry, then as an event #‎planner and #‎graceevent owner since 2008.
My greatest wish is to help you create the event of your #‎dreams, wherever you are and in complete #‎autonomy. That’s why I have created a very special e-lab:,
a virtual lab that allows the creation of unforgettable events. In a few clicks, we will plan and design your event #‎together, merging your wishes with the experience, passion and professionalism that I have acquired through long years in this field.

P.S.: my friends call me Grace 😉














  • Hand made with Love

    Every single detail of my creations is designed and handmade by me, with great care and passion. Materials, graphics and shapes are always original and unique, distinctive on every occasion and tailor-made to make your event unforgettable

  • People are the real value

    Courage, responsibility and a heart open to amazement and to people

  • Listening to you

    I carefully listen to you in order to give you my professional advice and to help you organize a special occasion such as your unique event. Every tool of mine – both real and smart! – is at your disposal: we will always work on the same wave-length

  • Emotion is music

    We will create together an unforgettable event that you and your guests will remember forever, with joy and endless emotion

  • At Home

    My website, my home…our home: a cosy place where we can plan and organize together

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